It only happens once!

And so it came to pass that Postulant Bootrice had spend many an hour on her knees, supplicating herself to her public, serving joy and spreading her love. (Makes a change from spreading her legs, but that’s another story…)

The ceremony of Vestition (giving of vestments) took place in Sackville Gardens and was led by our Sister Martini. Here are the vows that Bootrice created and read out at the ceremony:


I swear, as follows, biting my tongue no less, no more for each day from now that will pass, that I undertake and immerse myself into. So I swear profusely, without biting my tongue:

  • I vow, to my sisters, to share in love, cooperation and understanding that we bring;
  • I vow, to enrich the lives of others, through opening dialogue and breaking down stigma;
  • I vow, to keep myself on hand and willing to lend that to our community;
  • I vow, to take part and offer my body and my pallet of skills to the cause;
  • I vow, to encourage and contribute to the chaos that we bring forth;
  • I vow, to celebrate others and their accomplishments, of all kinks and kinds;
  • I vow, to dedicate my time without reservation to help our community;
  • I vow, to share myself and by extension, show others love and support;
  • I vow, to continue to have a dialogue about why we do what we do;
  • Why we are still needed in this time and day of reckoning,
  • Why we can be that voice of reason to anyone willing;
  • Or why we can present to our community, our friends,
  • That you do have a choice, that you are loved
  • And you can be the best version of you.