Party time with The Manchester Sisters
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We do get out and about rather a lot! And when we do, we have great fun whilst spreading the good word.

We love reporting on where we’ve been and always try to take lots of photos for you to see. So, let have a look, shall we?!

Bury Pride report from Novice Sister Roly

Attending Bury’s first ever annual Pride was a treat the Sisters  could not refuse! We arrived just before 10am (very early for us!)  and joined the parade which was forming up outside the town hall.

The Lord Mayor addressed all attendees and then the parade set off and proceeded to cicumnavigate the town to a lovely welcome of waving from many of the locals.


The weather was absolutely scorchio!  We then watched a jazz band perform in the street outside then we all entered the Elizabethan Suite for more entertainment from the lovely Sal Ford and others.

We then sat for the local artists to draw portraits of  us  – one of each nun then a group one.

After that we proceeded on a pilgrimage to Bury’s famous market! The stallholders loved us but we then had to return to the changing room as it closed at 4 30. We had a blast!

Sister Bingo report from Novice Sister Judy

The Manchester Sisters have a long and fruitful history with all things rubber, from condom ministry to Sister Anorak’s namesake, not to mention her famous line in wipe clean rubber gussets. (They are a life saver when you reach a certain age). So it was only natural that the Sisters played our own small part in this year’s fantastic Manchester Rubber Men’s weekend when they kindly invited us to put on a show!

The Sisters hosted a packed Cruz 101 for a special edition of shiny squeaky Bingo interspersed by Best Orgasm and Dance Yer Ass Off competitions. 

So successful were these interludes that they inspired the wonderful artistic talents of Pup Silver and rekindled my arthritis. My knees are still sore, and it wasn’t from dancing. I’m always left to scrub the floor…

Once the main event continued tensions remained high not only due to the sensation of rubber against lithe bodies but also the fantastic prizes on offer kindly supplied by: Boxer Barcelona, Latex 101, Fetishak , Mister B, Recon, Partybois, Regulation and Invincible. Three games were played with prizes for a single line, double and full house. I’ve never seen pups with such bingo dabbing dexterity!

All in all Sister Bingo raised £1961 for the The Reach Clinic (final weekend total was £6969) to help those struggling with chemsex addiction.

Speaking of which we’re off to drag BangBang back into the convent grounds. She was last seen leaving Dr Hoffman’s laboratory at 2.00 a.m. with an experimental warming embrocation to “…bless fünfundfünfzig bratwurst…”

To be honest we’re not sure if we should start in Aldi or a sauna. If anyone sees her though, please politely refuse her offer of ointment basting, it can seriously burn your sausage, we’ve tried.