The Manchester Sisters have long been associated with many LGBT+ communities.

Filled with love, light and perhaps a few libations, the Sisters donned their habits and handbags once again to attend Sparkle Weekend down in the village.


Sparkle is the national transgender charity, running an annual weekend long festival that focuses on the celebration of trans lives and solidifying their place in the LGBTQ+ community, with music, comedy, talks and more. All acts and speakers focused on love, resistance and pride. Surrounding the main stage were plenty of refreshments to be had, a wellbeing tent with yoga classes, a family friendly area, vendors with wonderful wares, and stalls from amazing charities and organisations including Indigo gender services, LGBT Foundation and Mermaids. 


Dodging both the lashings of rain, and the blistering sunshine, the Manchester Sisters made their appearances, both on Saturday and Sunday for the celebrations, we met with Sisters from other convents and friends alike, offering comfort and joy to attendees. We danced, we hugged, we cackled and shared our queer joy with as many consenting folks as we could!


The Sister’s serve the community, in many, many ways… not like that, filthy thoughts! All jokes aside, the Sisters are passionate about education, community spirit and supporting all LGBTQ+ folks, and we ourselves have a few trans and non-binary sisters. Attending events like this to showcase our love and support for our trans* siblings we hope encourages folks to feel more comfortable talking about gender and opening up those conversations that maybe folks are scared to have. Cause if you can’t confess to a nun then who can you confess to?

For more information about Sparkle, check out their website: