See a larger version of a pic by selecting it. All pics courtesy of our esteemed Sister Bootrice.

It can take 1-2 years to become a fully professed Sister of Perpetual Indulgence – from Aspirant to Postulant to Novice (White Veil) to Black Veil.

Our Novice Juris became a Black Veil at this year’s Didsbury Pride!

Although anyone can become a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence and we’re always on the lookout for those who are amazing, brilliant and totally fabulous. Unfortunately, Juris slipped through the net for some bizarre reason/cash incentive and lo and behold she is now a fully professed Black Veil. 

During the short ceremony, Sister Juris presented her vows to the gathered faithful. And here they are…



“When reflecting upon what my vows would be, I turned, as I often do, to etymology, which offers us revelatory insights into the latent meanings of our language. ‘Vow’ comes to us from the French vouer, from the old French vut, and this, in turn, comes from the Latin votum, meaning: ‘vow’.


But it also means dedication. Perhaps I bring that.

Mostly, though, I bring words: a reassuring word of sisterly love to those tormented by shame, and some choice words for anyone doing the shaming. A word of queer prayer for those called to the great cottage in the sky. A word about our sisterly history to the curious passer-by. A word from our sponsor: Zovirax. Stop cold sores before they start, with Zovirax! A sassy word for the rubber boys at Bingo. And an inappropriate word for the hot firemen they always send to Pride, something like, ‘would you rescue this pussy from a tree? pow pow!’

But to conclude: At my ceremony of vestition, I pledged to the house my whole (tiny cough, or a page turn) being, the whole of myself and the self of my whole. Today, I renew that pledge, and vow to you that I have more wholes to give.”