30 years of World AIDS Day

Out and about we go, this time on Saturday December 1st to commemerate World AIDS Day. This time, in 2018, it will be 30 years since the first ever World AIDS Day.

Sister BangBang, Sister Martini and Novice Sister Mona got their best frocks on and got themselves along to the World AIDS Day vigil in Sackville Park. Here they picked up the ‘gathering buckets’ from George House Trust who were leading the vigil. From there, the Sisters made their way into Manchester’s Gay Village to raise donations for the World AIDS Day Partnership (whom the Manchester Sisters are very proud to be part of: more details here) – and what an evening of fun and celebration it was!

Around and about Manchester’s Gay Village they all went, filling their buckets with grateful donations and chatting with SO many gorgeous people. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence always feel it’s this interaction with people from all walks of life, chatting and listening to them, that is so very important to their mission.

Later that evening it was a hop, skip and a jump over to Cruz101, who were holding a George House Trust WAD Ball, with tons of great cabaret and loads of handsome boys and girls to laugh the night through.

Then we dropped Sister Martini off at the local brewery to continue her hobby, and the rest saw dawn rise!