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We love to get out and about, attending events and spreading JOY!
Keep an eye on this page, as it shows what we are doing – it’s updated frequently.



Saturday 21st April

We will be at CRUZ101 from 1pm.
SISTER BINGO: get your bingo tickets from us in the club, from about 2pm, in Cruz101.
Thousands of pounds worth of prizes and ALL proceeds going to the Sly Hands Memorial Fund. 
Games start on the dot of 4pm

We’ll also be in the Village, campaigning for Chechnya – giving out leaflets which describe what attrocities are happening there and details about what you can do to help.


Friday April 27th

Come and join us for night of debauchery! It’s the latest ChaChaBoudoir.
We’ll be there with Anna Phylactic and all the drags, giving out free hugs and collecting £££ for charity – and you can help too!
Down at Cruz101, in the Gay Village, from about 11.30pm until god knows when…

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