Sister Juris and Sister Mona went to the Manchester Eagle on 17 June 2023 to play with balls. To be more specific  theyhosted the Sisters Bingo at the Manchester Rubber Weekend!!


Manchester Sisters have supported the Manchester Rubber Weekend for years now. The founder, Si Hands, who sadly died in 2017, was a great friend to the Manchester Sisters and so we repay that by helping them raise money for various charities. Bringing a bit of sass to the Manchester Rubber Weekend.



Sister Juris exchanged bingo cards for promises of money (and whatever other gifts she could exact from the gorgeous patrons). Sister Mona was mistress of the mic. Together they entertained 200+ rubberists with wit, humour, and one of the most ridiculous lap dances you’ve ever seen. Oh, and of course prizes galore. Including a photo shoot with our very own Sister Bootrice Leatherbottom.



And did we say that Mona was in a full rubber habit? She was very much a nun sweating in a fetish bar. 😊

Photos by Johnny Blackburn Photography