Cherishing means seeing the beauty, energy and spiritual vitality in others.

#CHERISH is our new motto for 2018/2019

But what’s it all about?

Well, cherishing someone is something we hold dear to our hearts. Loving, cherishing, hugging, caring, listening.

And so this year (our year goes from August to August – it’s the month of our birthday back in 1997), we’re adopting the motto of #cherish



Maybe you’d like to get involved?

We can come and support a fund raiser that you might know of.

Or an event that highlights awareness – HIV stigma, Chechnya etc.

Or a big party night that needs some glam door hostesses! (Although we reserve the right to rattle a bucket for charity, too!)

Either get in touch and let us know how we can work together. Or follow our Events page to find out what we’re up to! #cherish

cherish the love