Gathering of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

friends of the sisters

The Manchester Sisters always raise money for others – for charities, organisations and worthy causes. We don’t raise money for ourselves though.

But maybe you can help us?

As part of our work, we help raise much needed funds for charities and organisations. Like George House Trust, LGBT Foundations, Albert Kennedy Trust, Alzheimers, Manchester Pride etc.

We do not take any proceeds for ourselves.

However, as a voluntary organisation, we do need funds to help pay for flyers, leaflets, badges to giveaway etc. Our website is also in need of funds to keep it up and running.

Our work helps others – but can you help us in some way?

Become a Friend of The Sisters

Friends of The Sisters can help in any manner of ways.
Hard cash is always a huge help for us to help pay for the website, safer sex leaflets etc. So, a donation to our worthy cause would be fabulous!
And if you have a company, it’s probably tax-deductable! Any help you can provide is always so useful to us doing our job.

In other ways, you might be able to help us out with your services.

Maybe you have a design company, or a taxi firm. Or a business in Manchester City Centre that you’d allow us to rehearse one of our “Three Minute Musicals”! Or providing materials for us to produce free giveaways – punters always donate more when they get something!

Or just give us a lift to a venue – that’s always really helpful!

So, go on – get involved !

Just sent us a quick email, and let’s set up a meeting to discuss things. Helping The Sisters means we really can make a difference to other people’s lives. And that’s an extraordinary thing to happen.


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