kissing alan turing


Our Manchester community has shown that life must be much more about sharing all that love and affection. So let’s have more hugs. And help others to smile. Kissing statues of Alan Turing is really rather good, but not at all necessary.

The Manchester Sisters with friends

fighting for good causes

PreP on the NHS, end persecution in Chechnya, fight HIV stigma, ensuring free condoms for all, ending stigmatic guilt – there are so many to fight for. Including gin and tonics. Being a part of the Manchester Community is so important.

The Manchester Sisters at Bury Pride with the Lord Mayor


Supporting the Manchester community is more than just our beloved LGBT community. We get out and about to all sorts of events and fundraisers. Let us know if there is one we could come along to and help out!

manchester community

the helping hand

We are all volunteers. Every one of us donates our time, skills and love to being a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. 

no one is excluded

Although, world-wide, our numbers primarily consist of gay men, anyone can join and become a Sister. Anyone. There is no barrier. And although we are spiritual animals, your religion is never a barrier as long as you have an open heart.

quiet as a mouse

Hmm, or not! We are known for our ribald humour, our bracing talk and our in-your-face attitude. We are outrageous! So, if you’re faint of heart and a delicate wall flower, you might be a little shocked at our talk and shenanigans-

The Manchester Sisters

Here to administer to your needs and desires - within reason!

The Manchester Sisters of Perpetual Indulgnce

Open to everyone, regardless of ... well, anything really!