There are two ways of getting involved with us.
You can either become a Sister, which takes about a year and a half, or you can become a Guard, who helps out at our get-togethers and events.

A Sister has a calling. They want to help and becoming a Sister does take a while. That’s how it is.

A Guard has a simpler path, and is more suitable for those who want to get involved with us but don’t have the time or diary that fits becoming a Sister! It’s the sort of thing that many friends of the Sisters do – coming along to events and just helping out. Invaluable for us, and fits your lifestyle better.

If you’d like to consider becoming a Sister, just read on.

If you’d like to help us at events and become one of our Guards, then jump here.

Becoming a full blown Sister doesn’t happen overnight.
So what does it take?

Basically, a desire to help others. To show willing, to volunteer, to step up to the mark and do something positive without any personal gain – other than the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped in some way.

You’ll love sharing love, showing empathy and compassion and being an all-round gorgeous human being. 

Everyone is welcome to join – there are no boundaries.
Just be yourself – that’s all that’s needed! Oh, and some spare time too and living in the Greater Manchester area.


As a Sister, you will have to attend monthly meetings (or ‘Nuncheons’ as we call them!) as that’s when we organise things.
For some events, you will need to arrange your own transport and accommodation if that is needed.
As a voluntary group, we all self-fund ourselves – there are no ‘expenses’ etc!

Sisterly Examples...

Sister BangBang found her calling with poppers in hand, mounting a disco ball…she screeched in to the convent like Miley Cyrus (but far, far older).

Sister Matic found her calling during Mardi Gras 1999 -after sipping a delightful cocktail of gin, beer and Canal water. She ran for the Convent shrubbery to throw up, waking 5 days later in the arms of Seth the gardener. She decided to stay; who wouldn’t?!

So as you can see, the call to Sisterhood takes many guises. If you feel a queer urge and seek to fight shame and guilt, you could do worse than take on our veil.

And now, if you desire, here’s a bit more about the journey of a Sister…there are four stages to becoming a fully fledged sister:

The Four Stages

1: Aspirant

definition: someone who aspires to being or doing

So, you are expressing an interest in the Sisterhood. You like the idea but don’t want to commit to anything just yet. So you decide to find out more about the Sisters. You are an Aspirant, already!

This is usually expressed along the lines of “Don’t you look fabulous Sister!” (We like that). We arrange to meet for a cuppa and a chat. 
 If that all looks good, we’ll invite you out at our next event and you can attend our monthly meeting so you can meet everyone.

2: postulant

definition: a person admitted to an order
 as a probationary candidate for membership

If everything works out OK after our chat, you’ll become a Postulant.

You are a Postulant for a minimum of three months, or so.
You are trying it out; giving it a go. It’s one way to know if you have what it takes, and we all get to know one another.. You might consider what your Sister name might be – we can help by checking this name is not already held by another Sister in the world.

You’re not an official member of the House yet – but you’re seeing if you like this life.

Hopefully, you will get to the point where you can take your vows and become a…


definition: an inexperienced person doing a job or role for a short time

Being a Novice Sister lasts about a year and a day, or so – it depends on many circumstances. Could be shorter, could be longer.

This period is where it gets a little bit serious!

You will attend monthly meetings with the rest of the Manchester House. We use these to organise and plan what we will be doing in the forthcoming month or so.

When you become a Novice you take on vows and get yourself a full habit (white veil) in the Ceremony of  Vestition.
You agree who will be your Novice Mistress and they will train you in the ways of the Force. And you have loads of fun getting out and about as a (Novice) SISTER! 


definition: a complete show off who frequently falls off her heels

If you have proven to be a talented nun and other Black Veils agree (via a vote at a closed meeting),  we fully accept you into the Manchester order and you take your final vows at your second ceremony!

If they do vote then you’ll be given a Ceremony of Profession. You can now vote and eventually train other nunlings (usually after six months after becoming a Black Veil Sister.)

You get a black veil and can start creating your own signature look. (BangBang says it took her years to perfect – actually she was visiting B&Q when the paint mixer exploded. She hasn’t washed since

ready to start your journey?

Contact us now

So, you think you’re ready to start your Sister journey here in Manchester?

Ok, so first off, we need you complete a short form. Give us lots of info about yourself and then we’ll get in contact with you to arrange a get together.

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