As you may have already guessed, we don’t dress like this to be ignored! But we do have a certain ‘code’ of dress. Below are examples of The Manchester House dress and make up. Other Houses will have a different ‘take’ on dress and makeup.

(with help and advice from The Edinburgh Sisters and that rancid old slag, Sister Matic Debauchery)


A Postulant has yet to become a ‘Sister’, so we don’t expect them to provide anything.

Dress-wise, we supply a very simple black habit – it’s rather like a sack with arm holes! This is deliberate as we are keen to instill the importance of good deeds and a strong moral compass as priorities and not what you are dressed in. 

The veil is also very simple – think, a white tea towel with a couple of baby pins to keep it tight on their head! They don’t wear a collar.


Example of a Postulant
Example of a Postulant (Manchester)

Although not necessary, if a Postulant wants to wear make-up it’s just a bit of pale foundation or white grease paint over the eye area. No eyebrows, eyeshadow or fancy stuff like that.





A Novice Sister has taken vows, so they are now part of our House. They have 50% voting rights.

Just before the vow ceremony (Vestition), the new habit is made. This is the standard formal habit that all Manchester Sisters have.

It’s big black skirt, black top, black scapula (it’s like a tabard), a white guimpe (the collar), a white wimple (the balaclava head cover) and a white veil. A simple belt or rope may be worn around the waist. The Novice will stay in this formal habit for the period of their Novice-hood.

Some decoration is acceptable (glittery blingy stuff etc) but it’s toned down, compared with a Black Veil’s outfit.


Example of a Novice Sister (Manchester)

Again, the wearing of make up is always optional.

A simple white face can be created, with creative use of colours and glitter! The lips are always left white to denote they are in the Novitiate. Most Novices learn from their big Black Veil Sisters in the use and application of makeup.


A Black Veil Sister has taken their final vows.

Although the black habit is kept for formal occasions, many Black Veils like to start creating their own ‘look‘ or ‘brand‘ by taking on the task of a creating a new outfit. Or a dozen!

Anything goes here – the world’s their oyster. However, the basic shape of the veil, guimpe and wimple must not change. The veil is an important identifier to the House the Sister is in. If a Sister moves to another House then their veil will change to the shape of the new House.


Bad example of a Black Veil Sister!
A bad example of a Black Veil Sister (Manchester)


Some Black Veil Sisters don’t wear make-up -it’s optional.

Fitting in with the style and look of their new identity, the Black Veil will experiment and create an amazing make up look. Anything goes. Literally anything!