June 2018 – Bring and Buy Sale

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We all had an amazing time at our recent Bring and Buy Sale! Big thanks to all those who brought along such a fabulous variety of rubbish for us to sell – including a Dr Who Tardis speaker which, apparently, sells second hand for hundreds of pounds on eBay! Who would have thought.

So, here’s to the next one. Hopefully this time Sister Judy WON’T end up on all fours with a “Coach Parties Welcome” mat stategically placed. Last time punters were asking for refunds… And hopefully Sister Roly won’t try to weld Postulants Bootrice and Mona together as an experiment. It took two strong firefighters and seven broken crowbars to free those two….but looking after the firemen afterwards was, admittedly, a little treat.

Look in our EVENTS section for details of our next big Bring and Buy Sale!

Happy day!