Feb 2020: Visit to Cardiff – from Sister Bootrice

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Visiting Cardiff

What did The Manchester Sisters get up to?

We trolled far and wide across the vast oceans (well, motorway) to be present at the once-in-a-lifetime Cardiff Exquator where our Cardiff Mission would be rising up to the status of House. 

Cardiff is a famously painted house, with frivolous dresses and mascara everywhere! I attended the Friday warm-up at The Golden Cross pub meeting with Sisters from across the UK, and across the seas in the US.

Old friends, new acquaintances and merry times!

I was together with my dear Sisters, Sr. Mona and Sr. Polly for the main event. This happened on the Saturday in Mary’s, where we joined the ceremony to bear witness to a fresh heathen of Black Veils.

We also saw the Sainting of Gordon for his commitment to the community and limitless loving support for the Cardiff Sisters!

Why did this event happen?

This was a very special event for the Cardiff house. Much like any new house-as it is a rising of status and officiation into becoming a House- rising Novices into Black Veils and an excuse to get painted for filth (or close to, as the Cardiff nuns are infamous known to lurk in the make-up stores!)

And I think it was also a fantastic opportunity for the Sisters of the Manchester house to meet, greet and chat informally with other Sisters far-and-wide. We talked about the projects they are currently undertaking and shared our own.

What did you think this visit achieved?

I feel, much like those that were present, that this was the first time that Sisters from all houses of the UK were present in one single place. Sisters from Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and of course, the hosting sisters of Cardiff! We were happily welcomed to the event and we hope that our relationship with the new house continues to grow, much like we have with the other houses in the UK.