The gossip, the chit chat, all the salacious chin wagging that goes on in Manchester – it’s no surprise that The Manchester Sisters hear all about it and now you can read it all, right here.

Typically British!

We all had an amazing time at our recent Bring and Buy Sale! Big thanks to all those who brought along such a fabulous variety of rubbish for us to sell – including a Dr Who Tardis speaker which, apparently, sells second hand for hundreds of pounds on eBay! Who would have thought.

So, here’s to the next one. Hopefully this time Sister Judy WON’T end up on all fours with a “Coach Parties Welcome” mat stategically placed. Last time punters were asking for refunds… And hopefully Sister Roly won’t try to weld Postulants Bootrice and Mona together as an experiment. It took two strong firefighters and seven broken crowbars to free those two….but looking after the firemen afterwards was, admittedly, a little treat.

Look in our EVENTS section for details of our next big Bring and Buy Sale!

Happy day!

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Manchester Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Shop

The Manchester Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s Shop – tshirt, mugs, bags and trinkets for all your needs!

Sister BangBang to become the new face of Dulux

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The shocking paint mixer incident of 2015 has borne fruit for Sister BangBang after she was approached to become the new face of Dulux paints. BangBang had embraced her new look as a colour chart and has been photographed thousands of times next to peoples’ furniture over the past 18 months. Dulux CEO Max the dog stated “Well, we thought we would turn a negative into a positive by bringing BangBang formally into the ICI family, she’s used so many of our products already and its really just swapping from one old dog to another”

The make up went all wrong

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Sadly, we have to announce that Novice Sr. Judy got it all wrong the other day, when applying her white face. Instead of a nicely sharpened eye liner pencil, she picked up a scapel blade and proceeded to hack wildly until Sr BangBang wrenched it from her sweaty hands. Things have healed, but left a slightly rearranged face on our Judy. Let this be a lesson, lady.

Going all cultural

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Sister Gypsy and Novice Roly got all cultural when they visited Bury Art Museum! And they had their portraits painted too. Apparently they are to be used for the new gargoyles for Bury Town Hall.

Live from the Convent

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Sister Matic is collecting dog poo from the park. Probably making a new batch of wine…

We’re here!

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Match Reports

From the far flung corners of the globe . . . or, at least, the end of Florizel Street and associated environs . . . we have our abled bodied Sisters filing their exciting and eye-popping match reports of events we’ve attended. Or – and this is more likely – we have our drunken old painted whores sending incomprehensible messages whilst under the influence, seconds before passing out in the gutter. Nuff said.