I use the online apps – like Scruff and Grindr – and am upfront about my HIV+ status. Sometimes I get some real nasty comments saying that I’m ‘unclean’ etc and that I shouldn’t be online as I’m spreading the virus. I’m not letting this stop me, but any advice on what I can say back to them, other than being rude!?

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Remember that you’re the person who has taken responsibility for knowing your HIV status. You’re the person who has made the decision to be upfront about the fact that you’re living with HIV. You’re the one who is taking steps to make sure that you don’t pass HIV to someone else.

You might want to remind people of this the next time you receive a nasty message from someone – there’s a lot of information about HIV out there so you might want to encourage them to educate themselves about HIV too.

HIV stigma is, unfortunately, alive and well – you’re doing your part to challenge it by being open about your status.

Don’t let the outdated and negative attitudes of others put you off.

The fact that you have HIV doesn’t mean that should give up the right to a fantastic sex life – neither does it mean that anybody has the right to deny it to you.

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